Monday, September 28, 2009

"That's what you get when you let your heart win"

There's some really good music coming out tomorrow, including the new album from the Avett Brothers, which I am eagerly awaiting as my gatefold double 180 gram vinyl should be on its way in the mail. As much as I love those North Carolina boys, it's a band from neighboring Tennessee that's really got me going this week. You might have heard about them. They released a little album called Riot! in 2007 and catapulted into the music stratosphere on the tails of their single "Misery Business." Hell, it even scored them a Grammy nomination. Yea, I'm talking about Paramore.

Sure, these guys don't need any hype from me, as I'm sure their album will debut in the Billboard Top 10, but I'm really writing because these guys are a bit of a phenomenon in my life. On the verge of turning 22(!) one would think that I would be over the pop-punk phase of my life. Hardly! I'm constantly on the lookout for new talent, but, in the past, when a band got as big as Paramore, I would have been quick to dismiss them as sellouts. I would spin their old albums and talk about how much better they were back in the day, which, in all likelihood, was no more than 2 years ago. Yet, on the eve of Paramore's brand new eyes hitting shelves I find myself as excited as any of their tween girl fans.

Paramore are an honest, hard-working band. They write music they're proud of and it shows. Moreover, they're talented. The boys can all play and Hayley Williams is an excellent singer. Check out their MTV Unplugged session right here if you want proof, especially "Brick By Boring Brick." I'm glad that, among all the crap that's getting airplay, a band like Paramore is playing to kids all across the world. It reminds me of how and why music became such an important part of my life, going to VFW hall shows and hoping that the bands I was hearing would be the next big thing, going to the record store every Tuesday to pick up new releases. So, in light of this, I hope that some of you will go pick up Paramore's new album tomorrow or at least sneak a listen on your little sister's iPod. I'm willing to bet you'll be singing along in no time.


  1. i got the new album its amazing...possibly their best yet!

  2. Agreed. It's a nice step up from Riot! and it's great to see such how far they've come since All We Know Is Falling. What really excites me about them is that they're so young and have progressed so nicely that I want to know what their future holds. Thanks for reading.